Teppiche, Kelims, textile Kunst

Cleaning & Repair

Carpet restoration

  • Workshop with trained weavers
  • Repair of oriental carpets and kilims, e.g. moth infestation, burn holes, wear, abrasion, etc.
  • Replacing / attaching fringes and side edges (Shirazi & Dogereh)
  • Use of original materials

Carpet cleaning

  • Gentle and caring carpet wash by hand for woollen and silk carpets
  • Dedusting of the base fabric to remove deep-seated dirt / dust
  • Special treatment for moth protection
  • Single stain treatment (e.g. stain removal from coffee or red wine)

Pick-up & delivery service

  • Slip underlays: delivery and, if necessary, installation of suitable slip underlays, depending on the type of carpet and flooring
  • Processing: precise deadlines, differentiated cost estimates, damage claims (household contents, liability, etc.)

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